Enjoying time at Lake Petit!

There is so much to do at Lake Petit and the Marina.  We spent some time this summer both fishing and boating at the lake and here are some highlights.  



Lake Petit is a great place to go fishing.  The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and there are some indigenous bass, bluegill, crappie and brim swimming in the lake.  We fished for the day and caught two rainbow trout, the boys were so excited!   At the Marina, there is a large seating area with dozens of chairs and spots to fish.  If you prefer a quieter area to fish near the shore, there are a few benches and open areas on the lake walking distance from our cabin :)  


You can also take fishing gear out on a pontoon or Jon boat, see below for more information on the boating on the lake.  Links for fishing daily fees and Marina contact info are available here.


We rented a pontoon boat to enjoy the lake.  We packed some breakfast and went out onto the lake at 8am to enjoy the quiet morning on the water.  The pontoon boats can fit groups of 10-12 and typically rent for two hours.  The kids enjoyed the sights while on the lake, we had a group of ducks following us and even saw some bald eagles perched on the trees!  Maybe next time we will bring our swim gear to jump into the lake for a quick swim.


You can also rent Jon boats, kayaks or paddle boards to enjoy the lake while you are visiting Big Canoe!  Links for rental fees and Marina contact info are available here.