Experiences at Big Canoe and Surrounding areas!



Hi, Welcome to the Big Canoe Escape blog!


 First, let me introduce myself, I'm Katherine and in this blog I will be posting some of the amazing amenities in and around Big Canoe.  I am a mom of two very active/adventurous boys and my husband and I live in the Atlanta area.  During covid we discovered Big Canoe as an awesome, affordable and very convenient option to vacation.  There is so much to do in every season, from hiking, swimming, fishing, tennis, boating, golf, etc.. and we have been many times.  We recently decided to buy a place and also offer it as a rental so others can enjoy all that Big Canoe has to offer.   Also, quick disclaimer, this is my first blog so will be learning as I go, but I wanted to be able to share our experiences so we can help you plan your trip too!


So much to do at 
Wildcat Recreation Center!


Whenever we visit Big Canoe we always make a trip to the Wildcat Recreation Center.  Located near the North Gate, there is something for everyone to enjoy...


Enjoying time on Lake Petit!


There is so much to do at Lake Petit and the Marina.  We spent some time this summer both fishing and boating at the Lake and here are some highlights....

Summer Fun at the Beach Club!


The beach club opened up this Memorial Day weekend and will be open through Labor Day.  We went up to Big Canoe for Memorial Day weekend and spent some time getting to experience many of the fun activities offered, and here are a few of our favorites...